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Last King of Scotland
Kung Fu Panda
Fri, 04, Jul 2008, 00:31 - Last King of Scotland

Now this is a deep film, I haven't been so on the edge of my seat for a long time. Terrifying and brutal it paints a fictional but also historic portrait of a man gone mad. Despite whatever he becomes, I really felt for the protagonist locked into a world apart. Unable to leave the coming of age as he travelled just to discover himself.

Some parts, especially a few of the 'twists' causing him untoward problems towards the end leaned more on a fictional side of an otherwise breathtaking account of a life. It was otherwise a thrilling film.


- jobabob

Thu, 03, Jul 2008, 11:15 - Wanted

Left me wanting for more.

I didn't have high expectations of the film, I was expecting something akin to shootemup, which was good purely for its lack of ever taking itself seriously (something I abhor in a summer blockbuster). Unfortunately it broke this cardinal rule and tried to put a silly twisting plotline in amongst the over the top action sequences, which I must admit were rather entertaining. The 'joe q nobody' story is hardly original (what blockbuster these days IS original?) but is adequate for the premise up until they start to play with it - getting the same treatment as its hyper-realistic action scenes.

Not much to recommend, if theres one film to watch whilst bored on a summer afternoon, kung fu panda gets my vote.

- jobabob

Mon, 30, Jun 2008, 10:47 - Kung Fu Panda

... is actually pretty good.

I must admit I was surprised, it seems all the hubrus was around promoting the film and the atypical Dreamworks ‘star cast’. The only character that even showed a mediocum of themselves was Jack Black as an overweight panda, with a few of his trademark phrases thrown in. All other characterisation did not fall into the trap of pop-culture references to their other major roles, as is usually the case with most Dreamworks movies (Shrek 2/3, Shark Tale, Madagascar etc).

This is the first time Dreamworks have managed to produce a decent animated movie I was able to enjoy as much as I would a Pixar equivalent. Well scripted comedy, adult humour despite being essentially a kids film, some wonderful stylised architecture and 2d animation and focus on telling a story rather than trying to titillate (humiliate) the audience with cheap jokes every 5 seconds. It also manages to fit in some decent and rather unforgiving fight sequences, no stars/birds around the head or other ‘kid friendly’ non-violence here.

Id recommend anyone who is a fan of animated films to go see it. The characterisation could be improved as you only really get to know 2 or 3 of the characters in any depth, a shame given how much effort it seems they put into creating them. However this does not detract from the well paced nature of the film, it is simply a point I would add after watching so many a Pixar film that would do this as well as everything else.


I also had a chance to watch a crazy manga 3d movie called Vexille, when I get the chance I may review that to – a crazy combination of Frank Herbert’s Dune and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

- jobabob

Sat, 15, Mar 2008, 10:28 - Keyboard malaise

A short review of a new keyboard I bought, after finally killing my old microsoft wireless one.

Ive not been a fan of microsoft hardware for some time after going through countless poor quality mice and to be honest I haven't had much luck with the offerings from Logitech either.

However, the MX3200 laser looked like a good bet, the reviews were positive and it wasnt that expensive for a combo decent wireless mouse and keyboard deal.

To cut a long story short, I will be ebaying this rubbish very soon.

The mouse, which I expected would be at least useable for gaming (as stated in a lot of reviews) has far far too much lag compared to my old MX518 wired. I've used wireless mice before and not noticed this massive difference in latency.

This was only the start of the problems. The keyboard is generally nice, got some good function buttons, a good looking layout and doesn't have the confounded 'function lock' key Microsoft invented (and I have never forgiven them for). However the keyboard suffers from a MAJOR flaw in its electronics that prevents you from press w, a and space or control and space at the same time. Clearly the designers never played any kind of WSAD based game before in their lives and Tabula Rasa was infuriating.

I'm really dissapointed and will be aiming for the wired G15 gaming keyboard instead due to its many positive reviews from the gaming community. I've never had to ebay an item so soon after buying it!

- Jobabob

Tue, 11, Mar 2008, 16:31 - TabulaRant

I realised I hadn't commented on tabula rasa, an mmorpg i've been playing since last september.

Consequently, I will continue not to comment on it.

- Jobabob

Sun, 10, Feb 2008, 00:22 - Err

I just noticed I managed to spell SHOOT EM UP wrong twice, its not a film about heroin abuse, its about guns.

- Jobaobb

Sun, 10, Feb 2008, 00:19 - Died hard

Die Hard 4, four word review:

Please just die already.

Lord knows how this got an 80% rating on rottentomatoes. Most definately tarnished by its predecessors (the first being one of my favourite films), the fourth installment is just a silly action romp around a city with a ludicrous plotline around hackers breaking the entire US because the traffic lights are connected to the internet somehow.

It certainly did try to retain a lot of the 'real stunts' of the original films, but the last half hour really fell into the CGI trap.

Shootmeup, whilst even more silly, at least was a send up of this kind of action movie.

2 or 3/5, I was actually considering turning the movie off I got so bored towards the end.

- Jobamclane

Fri, 08, Feb 2008, 20:52 - Shootmeup

Another fun night watching another of hollywoods er, classics - Shoot em up (however you spell that)

I cant remember the last time I laughed so much at a film, if you have a boring night in I thoroughly recommend a few cans and this. Even moreso if you have a few friends round, its difficult to compare it to anything else, pushing the boundaries of tongue in cheek to new limits.

Theres no silly plot to get in the way, its basically Max Payne the film, but forgoing the film noire for 1-liners and gratuitous violence.

A definate 4/5 for comedy value.

As a final point, dont watch this sober.

- jobabob

Sat, 19, Jan 2008, 23:32 - Sodder


Why is it every time I hear this mispronunciation (ok its an Americanism) I scream at my television. It ranks up there with aluminum for me.

Why does slightly changing a word make me get so worked up.

- jobafuming

Fri, 04, Jan 2008, 00:18 - Insert fish pun

Oh deary me, I'm loving COD 4 multiplayer (just deathmatch is a lark) but it seems that the persistent stats are stored LOCALLY on the pc version.

What were they thinking?? Storing anything like that locally means it will (and has) be hacked by someone determined enough. All you need to do is check how the file is modified after each game and the only people this will hurt are those that format and forget to backup their directory!

It completely undermines the whole ranking and stats system as you can just make yourself level 55 instantly, perhaps explaining why there are so many level 55's about that cant hit shit.

I do hope they patch this as its really hit my confidence in playing the game, theres not much point in ranking up if everyone cheats like Diablo 1..

- MultiCod

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