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Last King of Scotland
Kung Fu Panda
Fri, 04, Jul 2008, 00:31 - Last King of Scotland

Now this is a deep film, I haven't been so on the edge of my seat for a long time. Terrifying and brutal it paints a fictional but also historic portrait of a man gone mad. Despite whatever he becomes, I really felt for the protagonist locked into a world apart. Unable to leave the coming of age as he travelled just to discover himself. Some parts, especially a few of the 'twists' causing him untoward problems towards the end leaned more on a fictional side of an otherwise breathtaking account of a life. It was otherwise a thrilling film. 9/10

- jobabob

Thu, 03, Jul 2008, 11:15 - Wanted

Left me wanting for more. I didn't have high expectations of the film, I was expecting something akin to shootemup, which was good purely for its lack of ever taking itself seriously (something I abhor in a summer blockbuster). Unfortunately it broke this cardinal rule and tried to put a silly twisting plotline in amongst the over the top action sequences, which I must admit were rather entertaining. The 'joe q nobody' story is hardly original (what blockbuster these days IS original?) but is adequate for the premise up until they start to play with it - getting the same treatment as its hyper-realistic action scenes. Not much to recommend, if theres one film to watch whilst bored on a summer afternoon, kung fu panda gets my vote.

- jobabob

Mon, 30, Jun 2008, 10:47 - Kung Fu Panda

... is actually pretty good. I must admit I was surprised, it seems all the hubrus was around promoting the film and the atypical Dreamworks ‘star cast’. The only character that even showed a mediocum of themselves was Jack Black as an overweight panda, with a few of his trademark phrases thrown in. All other characterisation did not fall into the trap of pop-culture references to their other major roles, as is usually the case with most Dreamworks movies (Shrek 2/3, Shark Tale, Madagascar etc). This is the first time Dreamworks have managed to produce a decent animated movie I was able to enjoy as much as I would a Pixar equivalent. Well scripted comedy, adult humour despite being essentially a kids film, some wonderful stylised architecture and 2d animation and focus on telling a story rather than trying to titillate (humiliate) the audience with cheap jokes every 5 seconds. It also manages to fit in some decent and rather unforgiving fight sequences, no stars/birds around the head or other ‘kid friendly’ non-violence here. Id recommend anyone who is a fan of animated films to go see it. The characterisation could be improved as you only really get to know 2 or 3 of the characters in any depth, a shame given how much effort it seems they put into creating them. However this does not detract from the well paced nature of the film, it is simply a point I would add after watching so many a Pixar film that would do this as well as everything else. A- I also had a chance to watch a crazy manga 3d movie called Vexille, when I get the chance I may review that to – a crazy combination of Frank Herbert’s Dune and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

- jobabob

Sat, 15, Mar 2008, 10:28 - Keyboard malaise

A short review of a new keyboard I bought, after finally killing my old microsoft wireless one. Ive not been a fan of microsoft hardware for some time after going through countless poor quality mice and to be honest I haven't had much luck with the offerings from Logitech either. However, the MX3200 laser looked like a good bet, the reviews were positive and it wasnt that expensive for a combo decent wireless mouse and keyboard deal. To cut a long story short, I will be ebaying this rubbish very soon. The mouse, which I expected would be at least useable for gaming (as stated in a lot of reviews) has far far too much lag compared to my old MX518 wired. I've used wireless mice before and not noticed this massive difference in latency. This was only the start of the problems. The keyboard is generally nice, got some good function buttons, a good looking layout and doesn't have the confounded 'function lock' key Microsoft invented (and I have never forgiven them for). However the keyboard suffers from a MAJOR flaw in its electronics that prevents you from press w, a and space or control and space at the same time. Clearly the designers never played any kind of WSAD based game before in their lives and Tabula Rasa was infuriating. I'm really dissapointed and will be aiming for the wired G15 gaming keyboard instead due to its many positive reviews from the gaming community. I've never had to ebay an item so soon after buying it!

- Jobabob

Tue, 11, Mar 2008, 16:31 - TabulaRant

I realised I hadn't commented on tabula rasa, an mmorpg i've been playing since last september. Consequently, I will continue not to comment on it.

- Jobabob

Sun, 10, Feb 2008, 00:22 - Err

I just noticed I managed to spell SHOOT EM UP wrong twice, its not a film about heroin abuse, its about guns.

- Jobaobb

Sun, 10, Feb 2008, 00:19 - Died hard

Die Hard 4, four word review: Please just die already. Lord knows how this got an 80% rating on rottentomatoes. Most definately tarnished by its predecessors (the first being one of my favourite films), the fourth installment is just a silly action romp around a city with a ludicrous plotline around hackers breaking the entire US because the traffic lights are connected to the internet somehow. It certainly did try to retain a lot of the 'real stunts' of the original films, but the last half hour really fell into the CGI trap. Shootmeup, whilst even more silly, at least was a send up of this kind of action movie. 2 or 3/5, I was actually considering turning the movie off I got so bored towards the end.

- Jobamclane

Fri, 08, Feb 2008, 20:52 - Shootmeup

Another fun night watching another of hollywoods er, classics - Shoot em up (however you spell that) I cant remember the last time I laughed so much at a film, if you have a boring night in I thoroughly recommend a few cans and this. Even moreso if you have a few friends round, its difficult to compare it to anything else, pushing the boundaries of tongue in cheek to new limits. Theres no silly plot to get in the way, its basically Max Payne the film, but forgoing the film noire for 1-liners and gratuitous violence. A definate 4/5 for comedy value. As a final point, dont watch this sober.

- jobabob

Sat, 19, Jan 2008, 23:32 - Sodder

SOLDER, ITS PRONOUNCED SOLDER Why is it every time I hear this mispronunciation (ok its an Americanism) I scream at my television. It ranks up there with aluminum for me. Why does slightly changing a word make me get so worked up.

- jobafuming

Fri, 04, Jan 2008, 00:18 - Insert fish pun

Oh deary me, I'm loving COD 4 multiplayer (just deathmatch is a lark) but it seems that the persistent stats are stored LOCALLY on the pc version. What were they thinking?? Storing anything like that locally means it will (and has) be hacked by someone determined enough. All you need to do is check how the file is modified after each game and the only people this will hurt are those that format and forget to backup their directory! It completely undermines the whole ranking and stats system as you can just make yourself level 55 instantly, perhaps explaining why there are so many level 55's about that cant hit shit. I do hope they patch this as its really hit my confidence in playing the game, theres not much point in ranking up if everyone cheats like Diablo 1..

- MultiCod

Sun, 30, Dec 2007, 20:55 - Something fishy

Oops, guess that wasn't the last level. I recind my previous comment, although I still agree the difficulty of said part (cough ferris wheel cough) was somewhat comically imbalanced compared to the rest of the game. Overall I did enjoy it, not more so than Crysis or any game that doesnt resort to flipping checkpoint saves, but the set pieces were very original and well made. Definately an 8/10 from me, with the proviso to expect some obvious gameplay mechanics - e.g. in typical CoD fashion, infinate spawns until you trigger the right part by moving forwards, killing the right guy, etc etc.

- More Cod

Sat, 29, Dec 2007, 20:44 - Herring 4

Call of Duty 4 Some brilliant set pieces that make the game, Fahrenheit-esque approach to the last level unfortunately. It is literally impsosible to complete first time and I just ended up 'cheating' by abusing the AI. This is not the mark of a good game, albiet it is the mark of a lot of the previous titles - infinate spawning enemies. I probably should've remembered this! A shame because otherwise, I thought the game was a lot of fun. Incredibly well designed and put together. I hate to be cynical (ok i dont really), but I do get a bit of a 'hl:ep 1' vibe with nonsense replayability used as a mechanism to lengthen the amount of time it takes to complete the game.

- Call of Jobabob

Sun, 23, Sep 2007, 23:30 - Medal of HonoUr

The latest medal of honoUr game, airbourne, adds an interesting and visually impressive twist with a parachute drop behind enemy lines at the start of a round and after each death. It has fun parts to play as an action-oriented WW2 themed shooter, which I was suprised at given how tired the entire period is after companies like EA milked the era for every cent possible. Unfortunately, the game suffers from the wonderful consolified 'feature' of checkpoint saves which are quite retardly far between, sometimes a good 10-15 minutes of fighting where a single grenade or RPG will kill you and have you screaming bloody murder at your screen. This, coupled with clear infinate spawn points for enemies that force you to push up and rush into them to stop them from spawning, makes for a very frustrating game. The end effect is forcing you to replay parts of missions many times over until you finally reach an objective - a thoroughly unenjoyable prospect that had me quit the game many times out of frustration. This could have very easily been sorted by allowing the player to actually save their progress in 'clearing' some of the obvious spawn points, so you are not forced to recapture the same areas over and over again. Whilst I understand its action oriented and hardly rooted in the reality of war (its war cliche ridden to say the least, e.g. remove helmet and get shot in the head next scene), but towards the end it takes a throughly wolfenstein theme with invincible uber-soldiers hip-firing 25 pound machine guns in a giant castle of death situated in the centre of Berlin. An epic scene, but given the remote sense of realism exhibited upto that point, it was a shame for the developers to throw this all away in the pursuit of a single, albiet epic, setpiece. The game could've been much more enjoyable with a proper saving system, although the feeling is that the game would be a lot shorted without. Medal of Honor games are reknowned for their difficulty, but difficulty through removing a tried and tested FPS feature is just lazy. A shame really as it coulve been a good game for those of us eagre for a bit of senseless action after Bioshock. 7 out of 10 and not a point more

- Jobabob

Mon, 17, Sep 2007, 21:06 - BATHDAY

I'm 25, not long to go now. (till 26, not death you morbid fools)

- jobabob

Sun, 16, Sep 2007, 12:45 - Wepisode Won

Why did this game recieve such high praise? I finally got around to playing it with the orange pack. Its a good expansion, the HDR is a well done effect in places and the character modelling and animation has typical Valve form. However it felt terribly claustrophobic compared to the great outdoor expanses offered in the original game, even when you finaly get outside it feels like you are quickly moved back underground/inside as soon as possible. No boating down canals or driving over sandscapes this time, some of the features that made HL2 so unique and enjoyable to play. Not that theses 'setpieces' were entirely absent, there were some memorable moments that stood out like the grav-gun lift scene. Obviously the length is a major dissapointing element but I'm a SLOW gamer - I take my time with everything to appreciate all the content and it STILL only took 3 1/2 hours to complete, even on Valves 'Apparently Difficult' setting! Overally I couldn't give it more than mid 70's or 3/5, which is a shame really. If it had had more 'depth' per se, it couldve been so much more enjoyable. I'll have to post a video of that stalker going RAwrwarwaRWAR! at Alyx because I was laughing my head off at deliberately not saving that damned woMAN.

- Jobabob

Thu, 23, Aug 2007, 01:02 - Bioshocked

Official Response: "hey guys, first, let me say this. you DO NOT NEED TO USE THE INTERNET EVERY TIME YOU PLAY THIS GAME. it is only the first time." Steam has started some kind of trend where single player ONLY games now require the internet to isntall, whoop de doo mr smithers, what a brilliant idea 2k games! /rage

- Jobabob

Wed, 13, Jun 2007, 07:01 - Goggled

... and now I have my account back! All hail google or something. On a lighter note, I downloaded and deleted all my mail from the account and wont be trusting google so much in the future until they implement a stronger access mechanism.

- Jobabob

Mon, 11, Jun 2007, 16:43 - Googled

Lost my google account to a hacker, the thought of them going through 3 years of personal emails is quite unnerving. Its too bad googles customer service is somewhat non-existant in cases like this. Before you ask, im the most anal person ever when it comes to password security, I secure EVERYTHING with differing levels of password security. I cant for the life of me figure out how the hacker did it given how tight a ship I run. My only advice would be to avoid storing so much personal information where the only barrier is a password, nomatter the length. I have a sneaking suspicion it was a new google bookmarks firefox extension or the like that actually did it.

- Jobabob

Sun, 13, May 2007, 16:40 - 28 minutes later

28 weeks later - will leave you more outraged than a turbo zombie at spending money on this crap

- jobabob

Sat, 17, Mar 2007, 23:21 - Snakes On a Plane

.. is the worst movie EVER MADE. If I had ever paid money for this I may have harmed several cinema employees for the privelage. Beyond awful even in its tongue in cheek attitude. It even stuck in some of the most appaling product placement since Bond and the most stereotyped african-american attitude since bad brothers. Nought out of one million.

- JobamuelJackson

Tue, 20, Feb 2007, 21:56 - Africa!

Wow an update, here's some photos of my holidays in South Africa - the country with the greatest food, wines and scenery and for the cheapest prices. Despite what you might think about its problems with poverty and crime, I thoroughly recommend it. Hakuna Matata Mastereotype

- Jobarhino

Sat, 21, Oct 2006, 00:22 - Just incase..

Just incase a certain 26 people might be coming onto this site because a certain someone told said 26 people about it, you may want a bit of background about halflife and the maps I created for it. The word 'map' means a 'level' created for the game, its usually just the architecture and geometry that the player moves around in in a 3d space. It takes longer than it sounds, I made a lot of custom content, but a lot was also provided by the game for me (obviously!). Yes a lot of it may look basic, but the game engine is over 7 years old now, which was one of the main challenges and enjoyments to 'map' for it. Anyway, if you lot find the time to look at the load of crap this site contains, you all should be working harder, I have informed your line managers.

- Jobacsc

Wed, 27, Sep 2006, 14:27 - logo

Updated the logo to appease the 'jogagogs haps' idiots, screw you all!

- Jobabob

Mon, 25, Sep 2006, 11:59 - HTPCing

I've recently discovered a great use for the 'offline files' function of Windows XP (might only be in the professional edition). If you try to 'stream' a video through a windows networking link on your home network, itll treat it like a LAN and only stream at the data rate of the actual video file, instead of caching or preloading. I couldn't find any free apps besides the software on my HTPC that could accomplish what I thought was a pretty simple task - download at the actual max data rate rather than stuttering at points where the data rate of a VBR video exeeds that bandwidth of the wireless connection (about 600K/sec max usually). If you setup offline files, you can 'synchronise' (sorry 'iZE') shared folders, files, whatever on the remote machine from whatever networked source. XP will perform a clever bit of pre-loading as it will actually stream the file into the CSC directory of your XP installation. The best part is that if you tell XP to then play that file, it will continue to stream that file at the networks bandwidth rather than the videos, meaning you get it quicker and any high bandwidth parts of the video should already have been loaded! You also ultimately end up with a full copy of the file on the remote machine, so you can skip around to your hearts content, especially important you can rewind easily in my favourite video playing app - Zoomplayer (an utter geekfest of customisation). I'm amazed I never realised the power of offline files before, discovering new features in an OS you've been using intricately for 4 years!

- Jobabob

Sat, 16, Sep 2006, 16:15 - Fun with affinity

Ive been fiddling with the affinity on my dual core processor ever since I got it, as most people know the fundamental annoyance is that almost all games only use a single core, some getting incorrect timing if not set to only use a single core. I noticed that the key to this is to set the affinity of the parent application (e.g. explorer.exe) and the application it then opens with inherit this. Hopefully someone might find this interesting, I also wrote a program so you can launch an application on either core with the context menu. Fun times.

- Job'l'fixit

Mon, 11, Sep 2006, 15:26 - Craptop repairs

I think i've finally fixed my crappy inspiron headphone jack, they are reknowned for being flimsy with any kind of torque and mine broke off after only 5 months use. My solution was initally to resolder the thing on, but given my soldering skills and the insane setup on the motherboard (only a machine could do it) compared to ordinary headphone jacks, I decided instead to glue it on. This worked initially, but eventually gave out as the pins weren't QUITE touching at the rear of the jack. My solution today was to drill a hole in the bottom of the laptop case, stick a normal drawing pin up touching the underside of the headphone jack and pushing it into the motherboard. This drawing pin was then trimmed to the right height and gaffa taped onto the case. Its been working for a few hours now, I'll give it at least a week before it fails this time! NOTE: Using a power drill on a £1000 laptop is not nice, please dont copy me and sue me.

- Jobabob

Mon, 11, Sep 2006, 15:21 - Halo and Goodbye

Thats enough puns, I finished Halo. The game picks up in the second half, especially in the snowy vehicle areas and the start of 'the flood'. However once this new enemy is introduced the game quickly becomes tedious repetition and not just the poor internal architecture. The flood consists mainly of two enemies, lots and LOTS of little headcrab rip-off things and quite a few unarmoured but reletively tough normal guys either with weapons or a suicidal streak (running straight at you). Due to this, you need both a fast firing weapon for the little guys and a powerful but fast reloading weapon for the waves of other guys. Essentially the game provides this second weapon for you, the only choice for the little guys is the fastest weapon in the game, the standard rifle. Thus for the rest of the game after the flood there is NO reason to ever pick up an alien weapon except for the rare occasions where you run out of ammo, albiet a giant pile of ammo or another of the weapons is thrown at you moments later anyway. I'd give it somewhere between 70 and 80% for a generally fun experience, but some awful design choices and the dated looks (had it come out on the pc originally this would be a moot point). All the high scores are obviously just copies of the xbox scores, I doubt many reviewers had ONLY played the PC version. Halo 2 I will pass on, not just because of the above but because its so comically Microsoft in its PC release that I really cant be arsed.

- Jobabob

Sun, 03, Sep 2006, 00:53 - Halo there

I finally got around to playing this game, either its horrendously dated or the interior level design was done with a 2 dimensional level editor. The opening to the game is one of the lamest I've ever played, how can a ship that looks miles long only have 2 flipping decks you can go on and a thousand identical corridors. I'm suprised anyone ever finds their way around the thing. Still, when you finally get outside for the first time, for the original release the graphics must have been astounding, today they are some of the prettiest skydrops i've seen bar Preys. I don't think I'll get that far through it as the game is hopeleslly consolified, something thats usually a big turn off for me with games. Apart from the interface this is also expressed in its large focus on action over exploration, a key of the modern PC FPS (at least, what I think is a major key). A few hours and I'll probably be tempted to try NOLF or its sequel again, now theres a quality FPS.

- Jobabob

Thu, 17, Aug 2006, 16:32 - Plagiarism 2:Hypertheft

Hypercube: Source I really should email this person a link to my cube map, SUE SUE SUE SUE

- Jobabob

Sun, 02, Jul 2006, 12:19 - Jobabobing

Ive got a job with a global IT services company called CSC, world of work here I come

- Jobabob

Wed, 14, Jun 2006, 23:17 - Obliviend

Also, I finished oblivion, only took me 70 days / 250 hours!

- Jobabob

Wed, 14, Jun 2006, 23:15 - Activation

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with legitimate software, I'm actually tempted to BUY stardock windowblinds because I think its a good and relitively inexpensive piece of software that stops your desktop from looking like shit. However in the latest version they've gone MS happy and introduced a new 'activation' thing when you install the application. Oh boy do I love things that phone home, I get a funny feeling itll be like another application I bought that actually checks the local network for other copies of itself and automatically disables itself if any are found with the same license! Since when did licenses become per computer and not per user, I regularly run a laptop as a sort of second monitor now, with a simple app that lets me move my mouse and keyboard control between screens. According to Stardocks' terms of use, you CAN install the program on multiple machines you own, you just cant use the software at the same time! What the flip idiot wrote this, Windowblinds is something that inherently runs in the background and is loaded upon start. Even if you wanted to run it on your home machine and on your work laptop at work, that would mean you'd have to turn your home machine off according to the poorly worded licence. I'm currently trying to ask their support (dont seem to have a sales) team if they actually try to enforce such a ridiculous license, but I dont seem to be getting anywhere. If its this much effort just to get a piece of software that wont restrict itself like some kind of DRM infected rental, what is the point in purchasing software at all. /rant

- Jobabob

Mon, 05, Jun 2006, 23:31 - HL Episode one

Well I had to post a rant about it sometime, it seems the whole world has gone mad regarding anything produced by Valve they're willing to accept any continuation of the 'story' whatsoever. This new game costs from £12 to £17 and yet manages a quite remarkable 4 hours of gameplay, possibly the shortest expansion pack ever produced. Various fanboys drone on about the quality Valve have packed into this short space of time, but how can you ignore that its FOUR HOURS LONG? Thats barely an afternoon sitting, you don't even have time to get into whats going on before you're catapulted back to the desktop. Obviously I haven't bought it so I cant comment on how true these comments on quality are, I'm sure that its competent and well produced and a thrilling, albiet comically short experience. This really is the start of a road towards shorter and less fulfilling games however, the fact people are willing to spend half the price of a normal game for less than a third of the normal playing time only encourages further short episodes to be brought out. I think I'll stick to free mods, they last longer!

- Jobabob

Tue, 02, May 2006, 14:52 - Data entry is fun

Whiling away my hours at a waste management company essentially performing the task that a computer should be doing copying poorly written stuff into an Excel spreadsheet. To make things better all the forms are non-standardised and written by hand, so I have to query half of them for being completely illegible. If the EA (environmental agency) don't fine the company this quarter for hopelessly incorrect records i'd be amazed. On more important matters i'm still whiling away my time with Oblivion and I'm gonna be living in a pub soon for a few weeks, essentially being a security guard and earning rather a lot of money for not really doing anything. The only drawback is the former owner of this pub was arrested for the biggest fraud case in South Africa last year, hopefully I wont be murdered in my sleep.

- Tempabob

Sun, 16, Apr 2006, 17:43 - Still Oblivion..

Made a mod for oblivion a couple days ago and its been quite popular, its a save manager to make it easier for save-freaks like myself to create bajillions of saves or for people who are annoyed at having to go into the save menu to create backups to their quicksaves Official forums thread here Linkage here

- Jobabob

Tue, 04, Apr 2006, 21:08 - Damn you John Lewis!

Dont you just hate it when you pour everything into something and achieve nothing, I guess its good experience, just rather depressing! I do hope I get a graduate job before the end of the bloody year!

- Jobabob

Tue, 04, Apr 2006, 07:23 - ...Oblivion

IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE, PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME one of my favourite games ever, 4 years of hard work really shows

- Jobabob

Fri, 24, Mar 2006, 12:36 - Oblivion..

..will have to wait till monday now because of my stupid postal service! Dammit!

- Jobabob

Wed, 08, Mar 2006, 21:21 - Primer

What the shit is this film about? It seems to be purposely written to confuse the hell out of you, kind of like Lost.

- Jobabob

Sat, 11, Feb 2006, 15:32 - Age

I just checked my about page and i'm STILL 21, isnt that amazing?

- Jobabob

Tue, 07, Feb 2006, 09:24 - Film at 11

Brokeback Mountain - while it may seem slow in its beginnings, I found it a brilliant piece of cinematography and one of the most emotional love stories i've seen in a long time. Go see!

- Jobabob

Sun, 05, Feb 2006, 21:24 - All Shop and No

Why do none of the online retail companies I deal with seem to have the ability to delete a delivery address, you can only change the details. Annoying given the number of stupid names I've put in and gifts Ive sent through it. Im sure I had a point in this post.

- Jobabob (shopping)

Fri, 03, Feb 2006, 14:04 - Dastardly Danes & Deities

Here is my contribution to the current cultural furore regarding depictions of a religious deity in a Danish newspaper. this dot - . yes that dot, is a charicature of Muhammed. By means of logic my host,, will now have its offices bombed and due to the servers being based in England and England being in the EU, anything pertaining to Europe (e.g. the band Europe) or even being an anagram of Europe will also be burnt to the ground. Free speech, printing the cartoons was right, the reaction was over the top and dumb. Reprinting to deliberately cause offence was stupid but now we have multiple flag burnings, bomb threats and other extremist bullshit. To even accuse the BBC of racist hatred for covering the story is laughable. Get a clue its A NEWSPAPER CARTOON. Its not like Disney made a feature length movie with cam clarke doing the voice of god.

- Jobabob

Sat, 21, Jan 2006, 14:08 - Cod2 n chips

Call of Duty 2 = boring I must be the only person who preferred Quake IV, COD2 isn't a patch on the original which culminated in the capture of berlin and the reichstag. COD2 culminates in the capture of yet another fucking town in the middle of europe somewhere. Think I'll go back to Fable now, now THATS a fun game.

- Jobabob

Sun, 25, Dec 2005, 08:50 - Merry Holidays

Happy birthday to our lord and saviour, jesus christ superstar

- Lord Steele

Sun, 27, Nov 2005, 12:11 - DRM owns

Well, scratch that last post as the software seems to only let your pc upload a certain amount, its now decided it no longer needs to serve to anyone ever again for no reason. I really love insanely restrictive DRM licenses, even though I have a license to use the media on two machines it wont let me play it on my other pc without re-downloading it. The player even has a restriction on the number of times the installer can be used, if this is the way computing is going come vista, i'm moving to Linux and bittorent.

- Jobabob

Thu, 24, Nov 2005, 20:58 - BBC Imp Player Trial

Been having fun with this little app and 3999 other lucky people who got in the trial like I did. Obviously, the DRM gets a little in the way of your enjoyment because the application wont let you directly share with another pc so you could, say, download on your desktop and watch on your lappy plugged into a TV for example. However, I found a nifty/naughty little way around this. Firstly download the file on your desktop, duh. Next, put the IMP software on the laptop as well and select whatever directory you want on it, I use the default for simplicities sake. Now tell the laptop IMP player to download the program you just downloaded. IMP will be rather clever, or just utilise a well known yet DRM-defeating feature of P2P that allows clients on your local network to participate on the P2P at LAN speeds. Thus the IMP player will, although unfortunately limited to 10mbit/sec, download the file in a few minutes instead of the 30 to an hour it normally takes. Then you can go watch the program wherever you want with the laptop, simple, although you can also use the same feature to extend your license by deleting the program and re-downloading it off your laptop at the end of its 7 day period (thus itll last for another 8 days). I didnt just say that.

- Jobabob

Sun, 18, Sep 2005, 20:09 - Day of Source

"Day of Defeat: Source leverages the Source engine's advanced features" must buy!

- Jobabob

Thu, 11, Aug 2005, 11:00 - Doom 3

Anyone ever noticed NiN have about as much originality as the music in the original doom? Doom 3: Lateralus (See if you can spot the cut, its disturbingly similar)

- Jobabob

Sun, 07, Aug 2005, 19:38 - Genuine boots advantage card

SSPHDP5 window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all' microsoft really put some thought into their anti piracy

- Jobabob

Sun, 10, Jul 2005, 01:05 - OMG VOTE FIVE

(refresh for sync) Yes I probably should've spent tonight doing something less constructive, meh

- Jobabob

Thu, 02, Jun 2005, 00:30 - Pointless update

Here's some educational fun just to fill up the big blank space in my life that is not adding news to this website. A couple of months ago I wrote two idiots guides (tutorials) to distributed denial of service (DDoS) and the border gateway protocol (BGP) which should be readable even by the standards of people who play pyro on 2fort. Edutainment here!

- Jobabob

Wed, 26, Jan 2005, 17:33 - Remote Desktop

I must say remote desktop is quite fun coupled with a server pc setup at home to do all my dirty work for me outside of my somewhat limited University connection. Thus I'm not breaching its AUP by using remote desktop to get the files it downloads, nice little workaround. Plus using SSH I can tunnel pretty much any TCP application through it, so I can now access my dad's pc and provide assistence to him should the need arise. Much easier than the aged phone method, annoying the Uni doesnt forward the ports for it considering how many students are probably tech support for parents, their parents, etc. I must say its quite unnerving issuing a shutdown on a remote pc 150 miles away, hoping the changes you put in the autoexec.bat to system files arent going to cripple it!

- Jobabob (but from where?)

Sat, 22, Jan 2005, 12:41 - Overlord shots page

Hmm, somehow I broke every link on the page. Until I can be arsed to fix it goto this instead

- Jobabob (broken)

Tue, 04, Jan 2005, 16:48 - Braaainsssss...

Beta 3 of bb_cemetary is now available in the downloads section, if you can't be bothered to goto the screenshots page to see the changelist, here it is: CHANGES FROM BETA 2- Included a .res in the zipfile 1) Dig to china (gotta love that name) has become dig into a sewer, which ends up outside the front of the church where you can escape through a hedge 2) Removed a wait mission, decreased initial 'hold' to 60 seconds (total wait time 3 minutes now) 3) More weapons added and made more obvious 4) Can now get on the tower ledge, but to ensure gameplay flows correctly, players cannot jump to the floor until AFTER the lights have been shot out and the front breakin has happened 5) Tension 'fight' music fades in when fred appears 6) A few ambient sounds like wind, though they are barely audible with the gunfire 7) Made the 'shoot the lights' mission more obvious as people were confused Also, as a treat for those who actually play brainbread and like funmaps, I spent a few hours making a funmap that doesnt look utterly shit (like most funmaps in halflife). No screenshots page as it's only a funmap, bb_funpits_b1 is available in the downloads page for er.. download.

- Jobabob (ssmapppps)

Mon, 03, Jan 2005, 15:52 - More consumer electronics

Consumer electronics really contribute to all the worlds waste, Apple is at the forefront of this with its i-mac graveyards only rivalled by the equivalent for washing machines, appearing round about the time the imac2 came out suprisingly. According to "My Generation" magazine, by 2004 there will be "315 million obsolete computers in the world, containing 12 billions pounds of lead, 2 million pounds of cadmium, 400,000 pounds of mercury and 1.2 million pounds of hexavalent chromium (that lovely carcinogen that killed all those people in Hinkley - see 'Erin Brokovitch') among other hazardous materials." Computers are evil

- Jobabob

Sat, 01, Jan 2005, 10:31 - Relief effort

(sorry to jump into charity mode here) Please give what you can to one of the many appeals for help from the Tsunami disaster, every bit helps. Tsunami Relief Please click here to donate & help If the site is overloaded (as it usually is), keep trying, its worth it.

- Jobabob (giving)

Fri, 31, Dec 2004, 15:30 - New map shock horror!

You'll be suprised to hear i'm still mapping (and this is the first thing I've released since op_overlord jeez) and whats more, for the original HL. No idea why but I find mapping for HL2 so boring, perhaps its the challenge of the original plus the fact I dont have to relearn everything. Also HL2 is a bit shallow on the mod side, I created DM maps long ago to learn HL1, brainbread allows so many fresh ideas for gameplay to come forwards, HL2 just allows you to create a pretty map with bump mapping and rolling hills. Anyway, screens in screenshots and the beta 2 download is available too. See if you can spot the 'prefab' of mine I re-used ;)

- Jobabob

Wed, 29, Dec 2004, 15:24 - Brainbread

A mod I definately recommend! Full of zombie blasting action, I even spent the entire of yesterday playing around with a simple map for it. Seem to spend most evenings playing it too, the weapons are quite well done, its also co-op, my all time most underused (despite being among the best) gameplay styles there is. anyway

- Jobabobobaabob

Wed, 29, Dec 2004, 14:40 - Suicide

A life is a terrible thing to waste, I just got back from a funeral for one of my much card-playing and class skipping friends from secondary school (although he did actually goto all the same schools as me I found out). Its put life in more perspective for me but has mainly allowed me to mourn properly, I hadn't really been affected by his death until the service. It was also good to see the churches have relaxed their attitude towards suicide, given some of its interpretations in the bible.

- Jobabob

Mon, 27, Dec 2004, 17:03 - New guestbook

Oh and as you may notice, I used the same basic php script I learnt to create a little guestbook The forum was totally pointless and I didn't feel like spending ages reinstalling it because of a recent security bug.

- Jobabob

Mon, 27, Dec 2004, 15:40 - New News System

Implemented a new news system, balabha etc

- jobabob

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